Education Activist advocates for  matric camp

2020-May-13   08:11

Education Activist advocates for  matric camp
Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga
- Gomolemo Mothomogolo

An education activist believes Grade 12 learners would catch up on lost time quite easily if they're sent on a five-week camp.

Hendrick Makaneta urged the Department of Education should consider this option, saying matriculants would be able to cover the remainder of the year's curriculum at a camp, with minimised risk of infection with COVID-19.

“It is not an ideal situation for learners to interact with teachers on a daily basis because they commute to school. You don’t know what might happen on the road,” Makaneta said.

“It is for this reason that I believe Grade 12 learners together with their teachers should be in the camps. We know that usually every year there are Grade 12 camps. Grade 12 learners have already covered 50% of their work as far as the curriculum is concerned. If all of them are based in a camp for a period of five weeks, they should be able cover 50% curriculum. But prior to taking them to the camp they must be screened and tested for COVID-19," he said.

While the education department initially considered May as a month to reopen schools and start the recovery plan, this was disrupted by teacher unions' call on their members to refrain from returning to work because the department "failed to meet their safety requirements".

The trade unions requested the Department of Education to ensure that there are basic hygiene packages, water and sanitation, cleaners in schools, screenings and testing as well as personal protective equipment.

Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, is expected to this week outline a concrete plan for the reopening of schools that minimize the risk of infection.