AgriSA survey: Drought will have major implication on industry

2019-Jan-29   03:31

AgriSA survey: Drought will have major implication on industry
AgriSA survey: draught will have major implication in the industry

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RUSTENBURG-AgriSA will approach the government and other financial funding institution for funding of approximately R3 billion to help farmer hit by severe drought in the Country.    

In a statement AgriSA announced an emergency meeting in the next two set to discuss how to best assist farmers and farm workers in drought-stricken areas.   

AgriSA is already in discussions with various role players, including government, financial institutions and agriculture businesses.    

Deputy Executive Director Christo van der Rheede said: “AgriSA has done survey on the drought because we have seen many province in the summer rainfall area has not received rain since November last and normally rain should fall in November so that farmers can plant their main.” 

On Monday Rheede says North West, Free State and the Eastern Cape and some part of the Western Cape Province is among the mostly affected provinces in the country.    

AgriSA said that the drought will have severe implication on the industry.     

(Edited Gomolemo Mothomogolo)

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