Businessman Pooe continues to give back to the underprivileged

2019-Jul-06   09:17

Businessman Pooe continues to give back to the underprivileged
(From left) Friend Rapitse Montsho and businessman Tebogo Pooe (middle) former principal Patience Rampete during the official handover of new office blocks at Moruta Thuto Primary School in Soweto
Source: Nelio Nhacuangue / Newsnote

- Nelio Nhacuangue

A councilor Happyboy Molobye in Meadowlands, Soweto has called for private sector across racial lines to empower rural and township schools.

Molobye said they encourage the private sector to be Good Samaritan.

“We call even white business people to come and help,” he said. 

The councilor said they appreciate the generosity even more because it comes from one of the former learners.

“We appreciate because it comes from private sector in form of a former learner and it shows the school has produced great [leaders].”

Molobye was speaking at Moruta Thuto Primary School in Meadowlands on Thursday where a former learner and now a successful businessman Tebogo Pooe was officially handing over a state-of-the-art administration block.

The block consists of among others a seven board rooms to be used by the principal and teachers. There’s also high security storage room, bath rooms and a large kitchen. 

“When a successful former learner who ploughs back to community it shows the government they must step up from their laurels and be hands.”

The school’s principal Matshidiso Mashile said was impressed by Pooe’s contribution because most people once they leave a school they don’t come back and give a helping hand.

“Ploughing back is out of this world because most people don’t do look back once they are done they forget about the school and wherever they come from,” Mashile said.

Just like any township schools Moruta Thuto Primary School faces so many challenges most learners don’t have parents.

She said  learners stay with, "grand parents because their parents are sick or dead.”

Pooe said it was a significant day because Moruta Thuto Primary School is where he learnt how to read and write.

“We thought it would be proper to make this investment as a way to stabilize our communities,” Pooe said.

“We strongly believe stable society has a direct impact so we thought investing this facility will help in addressing a number of societal problems.” In 2018, Pooe has donated facelift and Gauteng MEC of Education Panyaza Lesufi was also in attendance. Through his Pooe Foundation he has also built houses in Tshepisong, west of Johannesburg.






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