Suspected coronavirus in Botswana cleared

2020-Feb-09   09:37

Suspected coronavirus in Botswana cleared
Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs in Botswana, Anna Mokgethi
Source: APRM

- Thabang Morutloa

Botswana says there is not a single confirmed case of coronavirus in that country. Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs in Botswana, Anna Mokgethi, confirmed that five people suspected to have contracted the deadly coronavirus have finally tested negative for the virus.

Botswana had put these five citizens in quarantine and monitored them because coronavirus can incubate for up to two weeks before symptoms start to show.

Mokgethi said the five suspected patients were tested in South Africa after they were quarantined.

“As soon as we were alerted to the outbreak of the coronavirus we immediately called all our stakeholders. We had a meeting during which we decided what we were going to do as a result of the outbreak. We decided to put in health checks facilities at our borders and in addition to that, there was a number of centres which were identified where people were quarantined. So those who were suspects after the screening at the ports of entry were taken to those clinics," she said.

"Botswana had five suspects. The results have come back and all five of the suspects are negative. In the meantime we continue with the screening at the borders because we are on high alert,” said Mokgethi.

Meanwhile the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency as the death toll from the virus continues to rise. Coronavirus has already killed over 600 people in China and more cases have been reported in other countries.

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