ANCYL Ngaka Modiri Molema threatens legal over mayors recall

2020-Sep-14   07:05

ANCYL Ngaka Modiri Molema threatens legal over mayors recall
ANCYL Ngaka Modiri Molema threatens legal over mayors recall Thabang Morutloa
Source: Thabang Morutloa/Newsnote

- Thabang Morutloa

The ANC Youth League in Ngaka Modiri Molema Region in the North West on Monday threatened legal action against the ANC’s Interim Provincial Committee (IPC), after the interim leadership recalled top three leaders of five municipalities in the province.

In a media briefing held in Mahikeng, the league criticized the interim leadership for its decision to recall what the IPC referred to as the “troikas” of Mahikeng, Ditsobotla, Maquassi Hills and Matlosana local municipalities, as well as Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipality.

The league’s Ngaka Modiri Molema regional secretary, Wessels Morweng, said the league intends to explore the organization’s avenues before heading to court.

“We are going to meet with the deployees of the ANC to encourage them to go to court, but before we get to that we explore organizational avenues. We are going to write a letter to the secretary general, but anarchy and rejecting this decision remains our last resort,” said Morweng.

The provincial convener of the ANC Youth League crisis committee, Kutlwano Masibi, said the league would not tolerate any decision that is unconstitutional.

“We are going to reject every element that raises its ugly head in a form of constitutional disorder. That is why we are even appealing to George Mashamba [national integrity committee chairperson] that his conscience speaks to him about what is happening in the North West, because these people are both morally and ethically compromised.

“It is in the best interest of the ANC nationally to come and intervene, because for starters the IPC has long over stayed their welcome in the province, thanks to COVID-19, because had it not been about it I’m sure the mandate would have lapsed now,” said Masibi.

Morweng further accused the IPC of removing mayors because they denied interim leadership coordinator Hlomane Chauke and his acquaintances access to the municipalities’ funds.

“In the very same breath Mr Chauke please be honest. Honesty is revolutionary, tell the people why you are removing these troikas. Stop hiding behind some lies of scientific analysis. What scientific analysis Chauke when you know that these mayors are targeted because they failed to listen to your instruction that they must allow you and your acquaintances to access the municipal purse?

“Maybe let us assist you and tell the public why these mayors are being targeted. In Ditsobotla Local Municipality you had issued an instruction that a particular service provider must be appointed on three-year contract for the financial management system. It must be known that the service provider was charging the municipality a whopping R26-million per year and another competitive bidder charging the municipality R10-million was preferred against the one of Mr Chauke. Then that’s where Comrade Buthelezi’s problem with Chauke started,” he said.

However, IPC coordinator, Hlomane Chauke, encouraged those who have proof of corruption allegations against him to report them to law enforcement agencies.

“Anyone that has information can just go to the nearest police station and open a case against those that are found to have been involved in corruption. The ANC is currently fighting corruption and it’s not going to sit back if any of its members - even if its members of the IPC - anyone who is involved in any acts of corruption, the ANC must take action,” said Chauke.

Meanwhile, the North West ANC Women’s League has called on the recalled municipal leaders to defy the IPC instruction to immediately step down from their positions.

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