Traumatized families want compensation for corpse mix-up

2021-Aug-27   11:29

Traumatized families want compensation for corpse mix-up

- Thabang Morutloa

Two families in Taung in the North West, are demanding compensation from Rekathusa Funeral Parlour, after bodies of their loved ones were swapped at the mortuary.

The swap has forced the family of Lenah Hularang to conduct another burial after they had buried the wrong corpse last week, that of Elizabeth Tshibisi. 

The Hularang family spokesperson, Kgaiso Motsumi, said the funeral parlour has only committed to paying for funeral costs.

“They really need to compensate us, the pain that they have caused us is unbearable and can never be healed. The misfortune can never be forgotten. But mortuary is not saying anything about paying for compensation. They only paid for the funeral costs that we accumulated when we buried the wrong corpse,” Motsumi said.

The Tshibisi family spokesperson, Oupa Modisapudi, said the affected families deserve compensation. 

“We only want them to compensate us for the trauma and the pain that they have caused us. Even though there is no price that one can pay to heal the pain that they have caused. So the little that they can offer can bring us comfort,” said Modisapudi.

But Rekathusa Funeral Parlour manager, Johannes Hoffin, said they have honoured their agreement with the families.

“When we discussed this ordeal on Friday, we reached an agreement because we have reimbursed the families for the costs that they have suffered from the funeral arrangements. That is the demand that the families had for compensation. So that is what we have agreed on. I have even given them a written confirmation that we will honour it,” Hoffin said.

Lenah Hularang will be reburied on Friday after her body spent over a week at the mortuary. 

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