Herman Mashaba launches ActionSA election manifesto

2021-Sep-09   08:39

Herman Mashaba launches ActionSA election manifesto Source: ActionSA

- Silver Sibiya

ActionSA president, Herman Mashaba, has officially launched the party's local government elections campaign. This is in preparation for the 1 November municipal elections.

The new kid on the block launched its manifesto at the busy Bree Taxi Rank in Johannesburg on Thursday. ActionSA said it has intensified its fight to set the country on a path of economic prosperity, safety and shared development by fixing cities.

“The simple truth is that South Africans are gatvol of the ANC’s corruption, looting and cadre deployment. Tired of their load-shedding and service delivery failures across the country. Gatvol of rising unemployment and poverty whilst ANC cadres enrich themselves. Tired of crime and lawlessness; and gatvol of the gross incompetence of a government that is not committed to public service,” Mashaba said.

“In this campaign ActionSA stands above other parties because we have a track record of success in local government. In a party that is just a year old, we have former Mayors, MMCs, Chiefs of Staff, a Chief of Metro Police, a CEO of SALGA, Chairpersons of Portfolio Committees, and the list goes on and on," he said.

Mashaba told prospective voters that during his three-year tenure as Democratic Alliance (DA) Mayor of City ofJohannesburg, he began turning the city around.

“R2 billion was redirected from wasteful political luxuries in the form of international travel, conferences, self-promoting advertising and the like, and re-directed to electricity, water, roads and housing such that the share of these priorities in the capital budget increased from 58% to 71%. This investment started the first halting of the decline of our infrastructure and began to reverse the backlogs, reduce the power outages, lessen the bursts in our water pipes and resurface over 900kms of roads".

He also claimed that under his leadership the municipality investigated over 6000 cases of wrongdoing, totalling more than R35 billion and resulting in over 700 arrests.

“Under the ANC, these have been swept under the carpet. With the support of voters, we will, once again, make fighting corruption a core part of our work within the city. An inner-city rejuvenation project began taking abandoned and city-owned properties and giving them to the private sector to produce world-class, low-cost, affordable accommodation close to economic opportunities. This produced plans for R32 billion in investment, 25 000 accommodation units and 12 000 construction sector jobs. The same was being done with abandoned factories. Johannesburg then, and across South Africa, has abandoned factories that lie unused – tombstones of once-thriving businesses that employed South Africans," said the ActionSA leader.

The party will be contesting elections for the first time since it was founded.

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