SA Govt: Human trafficking victims lured through Facebook

2021-Sep-13   10:04

SA Govt: Human trafficking victims lured through Facebook Source: Gomolemo Mothomogolo/Newsnote

- Gomolemo Mothomogolo

Deputy Minister of Justice, John Jeffery, said government's analysis of human trafficking cases has revealed that victims are mostly lured through social media platforms. Facebook is human traffickers' preferred platform.

Jeffery delivered a keynote address at a commemorative event to mark International Day Against Trafficking in Persons this week. The event was supposed to be held on 30 July 2021 but was delayed.

“If one analyses the cases on the court roll, a further number of observations can be deduced, namely that social media and Facebook is often the preferred platform for the deception of the victim,” said the deputy minister.

The annual US trafficking in person report has classified South Africa as a country of origin, transit and destination for trafficking.

Jeffery has raised concerns that human trafficking

cases are not reported to the police due to the fear of retaliation from the criminals.

He added that the majority of identified cases relate to the trafficking of victims for sexual exploitation while labour exploitation is the second most prevalent form.

“There was a single matter associated with TIP for body parts and an attempt was made by biological parents to sell their baby to a stranger,” said Jeffery.

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