NW ANC pleased with mayoral candidates list

2021-Nov-11   09:03

NW ANC pleased with mayoral candidates list Source: Thabang Morutloa/Newsnote

- Thabang Morutloa

The ANC in the North West says the shortlist it submitted for mayoral candidates will help rebuild municipalities.

Tuesday was the deadline for provinces to submit three names of mayoral candidates for each municipality to be interviewed by the ANC's national leadership.

ANC North West Interim Provincial Committee Coordinator, Hlomani Chauke, said the party is confident with the list it's submitted.

“We have tried to select the best candidates in terms of the requirements. Sober and solid comrades that will be able to help us build a very strong local government and deliver services to our people. That is all that we wish for them to accomplish. They will go for interviews then we will wait for the outcome and take it from there,” Chauke said.

Cosatu’s Provincial Secretary, Kopano Konopi, echoed Chauke’s comments.

“We welcome the process that has been initiated by the ANC, not to just identify a person and submit as mayor, but rather to go through a vigorous process of interviewing the candidate to make sure that all the candidates meet the requirements, and are capable to be the mayors in the North West,” Konopi said.

Meanwhile, qualifications and gender of the candidates are some of the competency areas that will be considered in the process of selecting mayors.

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